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Frequently asked questions

  • We can deal with the smallest task in the shortest term without doing any harm to the quality of the paper. The tiniest deadline is only 4 hours, so if you need to solve your problem by tomorrow—quickly, send it to our service, and we’ll deal with it. But we should mention that you are charged more for urgent tasks than for typical ones.
  • Our free revision policy gives you the chance to get any mistakes or inconsistencies edited for free so as to make your paper fit the primary instructions. This feature is available to you before you approve the draft or within 7 days after you approve your final copy of the paper.
  • Yes, this option is called Progressive Delivery on our website. We recommend choosing this feature for long-term or complex tasks like dissertations, term papers, coursework, deep research, etc. It helps you get a clearer picture of the final result while the writing is still in progress and make any necessary amendments to the course the writer has to follow.
  • You can choose from among the three main categories of our writers: the Best Available, Advanced, and Top-10 experts. After you place your order for the first time, you can hire the same writer for a subsequent task if you like how the task was completed and the writer’s overall style. As you can see, there are several options for how you can influence the selection of a writer for your task.
  • Yes, we can deal with both. You can send us your finished paper and we’ll edit and proofread it, thus giving you some hints on how you can improve your writing. These services will help you to boost the quality of the presentation of your ideas in the form of a text and thereby positively affect the final evaluation of your work.
  • You can continue to change any of the instructions you have until we choose and assign a writer to your paper. From that moment on, when the work on your task has begun, you can contact the support team to add any changes. Most changes can cause an increase in the price, so be ready for that. And if the paper is already done, you can’t change any of the requirements.
  • Each day of stable work on our website proves the reliability of our service. We keep our security systems updated, use data encryption technology to prevent the access of unauthorized parties, and only select secure online payment systems for students to use that protect every purchase made.
  • We don’t publicly share any information you send to us; this is part of our confidentiality guarantee that each client can expect from us. Moreover, our website is secured by all reasonable means, so you can feel as safe as you would at home while using our services.
  • No, you shouldn’t. We prepare custom-made studying materials of the highest quality for you to improve your own knowledge and skills, not for breaking any rules. We compile and format information on demand, offering you the best examples to follow and the best sources to use in your own research. That’s why we’re a 100% ethical service ready to help you anytime.
  • Yes, depending on the situation, you can get a full or partial refund of your payment. For example, if you want to get your money back when work on your task hasn’t even started yet, you’ll get a full refund without any questions. To know how it works, read our full money-back policy description.

Need a talented essay writer? We have plenty!

Each skill can be developed up to a certain level through constant practice. But to grow more efficiently, you often need the meticulous stare of a mentor who’ll provide you with valuable feedback. As you know, most teachers are going to concentrate on the mistakes related to your knowledge of the discipline, not those connected to writing specifically, though they matter too. So, if you want to deal with your education tasks faster and with less stress, you need one page or two of advanced essay writing to learn how to complete an original essay in any discipline.

AdvancedWriters is the company that you should address when you want to find an essay writer online to help you with your academic tasks. Here you can buy any kind of paper and ask an expert to explain any topic to you. We specialize in writing assignments that you can get while studying in a high school in Toronto, a college in Montreal, the University of Ottawa, or any other educational institution in Canada. We’re open to all students’ requests and can deal with them efficiently.

The main purpose of our online essay writing service

Our main responsibility is to write papers of different kinds according to your instructions. As each task is researched by an expert, we’re not providing our essay service for free. Our specialist will spend hours on your task, editing and proofreading it till it gets an exemplary gloss. As an online paper writing service, we have nothing to hide in the way we work or what we offer to our customers, as our company is totally legit.

We don’t use any previously written, poorly made, or plagiarism-infused essays. And still, we keep our prices affordable for most students. We, as a legitimate service, provide you with first-class writing to give you all the possible hints and examples for your studying. So use our materials to create even better papers with your own words, style, and means of expression. But until you become a master, you can rely on us for any questions, problems, or topics you have. We’re ready for your requests in more than 75 disciplines.

Canadian essay writers at your service

More than 500 writers are available to complete your custom orders at our website. Just send them any of your requests to deal with your homework more efficiently:

  • We can finish your urgent tasks in 4+ hours, as we're not afraid of tight deadlines. Even though not all our professional essay writers are Canadian, your task will get into the hands of a person who deeply understands the context of your topic and environment.
  • We can deal with any kind of paper you can get assigned in Canada: essays, research, lab reports, coursework, dissertations, and reviews, to name a few. Choose the one you need in the order form.
  • Our writers narrowly specialize in 1-3 disciplines, so the quality of the delivered papers is high, consisting of secondary research and summaries made of it. And even if you have a multidisciplinary task, we’ll find someone very talented to help you.

The best essay writing service Canada can be proud of

The things that make us the best essay writing service are not limited to the papers we write. More than 15 years of experience in the market have taught us that every student is looking for more than just a trusted service, but for support and a positive attitude.

Our clients are frequently tired and desperate, but extremely motivated people, who deserve not only an advanced online paper service but heartfelt support and comfort. Thus, our writers and customer support specialists are always kind and understanding in everything that’s connected to our clients. They know how hard studying can be when you really want to reach your goals in different spheres of life. With our service, you can always expect that:

  • Your requirements will matter greatly to our writers.
  • The assigned expert will do everything possible to deliver your paper before the deadline.
  • The order will be formatted according to your demands.
  • All our policies and guarantees will work for you in the same manner as they do for the rest of our clients, and you can use them anytime.

How to learn from the papers we create for you

  1. Use them as examples to follow. Once you learn how to mimic the structure, connect blocks of information, and make conclusions, you’ll get one step closer to understanding this whole “essay writing” thing.
  2. Get another point of view. If you know your topic from top to bottom, get the help of a professional writer who will surely find a perspective on your problem that you won’t expect. Widen your research this way and extend it in various directions.
  3. Find mistakes that are hidden from you. When you’re writing for a long time, your eye is constantly scanning the same text, and it becomes blind to the errors hidden therein. Our experts will help you to cut those mistakes out and improve the overall quality of your paper.

Custom essay writing service: How we “customize” your papers

You can address our writers for professional help with any of your academic tasks because they adhere to a special process of customizing your papers:

  1. Each expert starts with a blank page. Even if he/she has already seen this task a hundred times before, they start from the very beginning every time. Our custom essay writing company insists on such an approach because the devil always hides in the details that differentiate one task from another. So we start with great attention to these special requirements to provide you with the highest quality of the completed paper.
  2. Each writer is responsible for the originality of the final version of a paper. We check our essays twice before submitting them to our customers. Our writers are 100% reliable, and don’t need to worry about plagiarism anymore.
  3. We’re ready for your edits: our free revision policy assumes that you can send us edit requests that are aligned with your primary requirements, in which case we’ll do them for free. Or if you have another idea about how to improve your paper in the course of it being written, you can address our support to add some more requirements to your order. We’re ready to satisfy any of your writing-related whims.

Custom writing: Reasons to try our services

“Why should I get someone to write my essay for me?” Well, the reasons for that are really diverse. Firstly, many people have to do a lot of work. Secondly, they may be too overwhelmed by the overall scope of the tasks being given. Negative situations occur in all of our lives. Thus, getting a helper to provide professional samples for your assignment is a great idea. In this way, you will be able to get personal custom writing help that will become the path to upgrading your skills. With our service, you are not simply getting someone random to assist you. Instead, true professionals will come to your aid.

Essay service: A smart option for smart students

Our essay services are one of the most student-oriented among the different websites. Above, you can see the ways of customizing your paper demands. You can adjust the price of your paper to buy something genuinely cheap and pay a low price for the best service. Ultimately, you also have the option of communicating with our key specialists. In this respect, our customers can provide not only some general instructions but something very detailed. Just provide a good description of your task, and our essay helper will be there to assist. More importantly, you can communicate with the writer to decide on the topic for essay writing help if it is unclear, for example. Adding some instructions to the order is also easy. With our cheap essay writing service, all it takes is writing one small message: “So, can you write my paper for me? Can you do my essay?” Yes, our essay service is superb. Try one of the most outstanding essay writing websites today and enjoy the assistance of truly smart experts.